Bruno et Maria
sentimental and playful

Bruno et Maria

Music, played with clarinet and accordion

based on European Folk Music, on moving rhythms, on intriguing melodies, composed in a contempory style

Powerful, sentimental, playful: music from and for the heart, for the feet, for feeling good!


Grand Bal de l'Europe Gennetines, France
They love it to perform at Gennetines nearly every summer; mostly emphasizing on valses impaires, mazurka and their sophisticated bal folk repertoire.

being moved by music
Stirring and moving dancers with fascinating rhythms and captivating melodies are the focus of Bruno et Maria.

Festival Andancas, Portugal
Bruno et Maria likes it to play spontaneously with other musicians.
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Bruno Friedmann
5time Waltz, 
Bruno Friedmann
11time Waltz, 
Maria Graber

11time Mazurka, 
Bruno Friedmann
BourrĂ©e de Bal Folk, 
Traditional France, Berry