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sentimental and playful
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The music group Bruno et Maria is located in the tripoint of Germany, Switzerland and France. They play together for more than 10 years, after having played in various well-known groups of the European folk scene, including Trequatrocinq, Bordun, Squip! and Friedmann/Vonberg. Bruno et Maria likes to play contemporary European folk dance music, most suitable as a general dance repertoire of a Bal Folk, with absorbing couple dances and different European group dances. Their repertoire is appreciated mainly because of the sophisticatedly played impair waltzes, which they have composed and developed continuously for many years.

Most of their music is composed on their own in a contemporary style, based on several European folk dances, keeping the essential rhythm and groove of the genuin dances, while including modern musical elements. A notable feature of their outstanding musical performance is the distinct two-voice composition style, enriched with complementary improvisations. They like to move the dancers gently with agogical tempo changes and musical dramatic. Their music has been described as "powerful and sentimental", and
Bruno et Maria has adopted this as the slogan for their music: "Powerful, sentimental, playful; music from and for the heart, for the feet, for feeling good."

Due to the distinct rhythmical interpretation of the impair waltzes and recently of the impair mazurkas,
Bruno et Maria is well known and in great demand by the dance instructors since it allows innovative dancing and supports intense movements.

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Bruno Friedmann
5time Waltz, 
Bruno Friedmann
11time Waltz, 
Maria Graber

11time Mazurka, 
Bruno Friedmann
BourrĂ©e de Bal Folk, 
Traditional France, Berry